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Have you ever heard of ID Badge holders and lanyards, such as those from WholesaleLanyards?  Well, Lanyards were first used for easy access on identifications.  Without going through the hassle of pulling out your ids from your pockets nor pinning onto your coat.  Lanyards are as simple as wearing it around your neck.  However, now-a-days, it has been a trend to be using customized lanyards to hold items like keys and not just identifications.  At present, the market has evolved and has learned to customize lanyards depending on the design and personality of each customer.

By customizing your lanyards, it gives you more opportunities to showcase your brand name and provide security to those wearing it.  An outlet where your employees, customers or students can brag your brand.  Being able to customize your lanyards according to your brand can be included in your marketing or promotional strategy for building brand awareness.  Talking about marketing, as we all know, marketing is simply any form of brand or sales promotion.  Here at Wholesale lanyards, look at us as a partner in getting your brand to your market.  Achieving marketing strategy objectives is simply the reason why we are here.

We at WholesaleLanyards are here to offer a particular kind of service.  A top-of-the-line lanyard solution shop.  Allowing you to design your own customized lanyards.  Wholesale lanyards provide opportunities for clients to choose from type of fabric, thickness, type of clip, color, and up the smallest detail of the design.  This also allows you to include your own clipart.  If in case you wish to have out team design an artwork or logo for you, do not worry.  As we can accommodate this request with completely FREE of charge.  Wholesale lanyards does not limit your capability in customizing.  A unique online platform has been put in place inorder to gain full access in customizing your Wholesale Lanyards.

lanyardsWe also offer various types of lanyards.  Here we have polyester lanyards, tubular lanyards, woven lanyards, nylon lanyards, dye sublimated lanyards and cord or shoestring lanyards.  Just to give you an idea, Wholesale lanyards is located in sunny Florida.  However, our production is done both in the USA and overseas.  If delivery lead time is your concern, we got that covered too.  As our shipping is done directly from warehouse to ensure quick and reliable distributions via our partnered courier, FedEx 2 day International Air.  Shipping is free of charge for clients located within the US.Production lead time would take about 2 weeks which includes shipping to delivery location.  We can accommodate urgent requirements or those to be considered as rush jobs, with an additional charge though.  As for the payment, all major credit cards are currently accepted.  In addition to this, Purchase Orders may also be accepted, though only from certain government organizations or public schools.

Minimum orders may vary depending on the type of lanyard you wish to order.  But for most standard lanyards, a minimum of 100 pieces is acceptable.  In addition to this, for non-profit organizations or institutions and for certain public events, we also offer special discounts.  Our company is also active in corporate social responsibilities which means that we love to help partner with local communication in fundraising events.   We at WholesaleLanyards also provide flexible costing for specialized orders.  For a requirement with a specific lanyard width, special lanyard color, customized safety breakaway, buckle release and badge holders, or if a ready artwork is in place, we have customer representatives personally assist you.  However, we do not charge for customized logos or text.  If you wish to have a personalized logo but don’t know how, feel free to throw in an email of the details you wish to incorporate in your very own logo.  Same thing goes to the text or font type.  Again, we can customize your logo and text for Free!

WholesaleLanyards’ objective is to provide a high quality lanyard experience from start to end.

Imagine a hassle-free and enjoyable customized designing lanyard right at your very own screen.  Awesome isn’t it? And here’s another good catch.  Don’t we all want to have a customized shirt based on the design we personally want?  Then here you go!  Not only do we customize lanyards, but we do shirt customization too.  Don’t get too excited though.  Only items we customize are lanyards and t-shirts.  No more, no less.

After all, we are not called Wholesale Lanyards if it did not mean anything or nothing.  Wholesale Lanyards, the ideal custom and trade show lanyards.

Wholesalelanyards provide opportunities for clients to choose from type of fabric, thickness, type of clip, color, and up the smallest detail of the design.