Ultimate Guide In Choosing The Right Motivational Speaker

It is never an easy task to choose the right motivational speaker for a specific group. There are several things to consider when looking for the perfect speaker that can encourage and uplift the moral of a group. Once you are able to determine the right combination, you will successfully obtain the right person for the job.

Below are some of the criteria you can look at when choosing a speaker:


Experience may include a lot of things such as years of speaking, affiliations and awards. These are things that reflect the kind of experience the speaker have. Typically, a speaker that has been in the industry for a longer period is better than the less experienced one. A speaker that has been exposed for 20 years of speaking will most likely have picked up the right knowledge and techniques in making his talks more effective.
keynote speakersHowever, experience does not solely rely on years of doing the job. You can also look at the awards gathered by the speaker throughout his speaking career. There are awards that are significant to his reliability and there are also awards that may not be reflect his or her integrity. Some of the awards that show excellence and high level of speaking performance are those given by Council of Peers Award for Excellence, Toastmasters International, as well as National Speakers Association awards.

A speaker who is a member of any professional association such as Chamber of Commerce shows that he has sincere dedication to speaking.


There should be a balance between the speaker’s ability to hold the attention of the audience and the effectiveness of spreading the message. Sometimes, people confuse the importance of the message with entertainment. If you want to have a speaker that can leave a significant message to your audience, choose the one flexible enough to provide your group’s need. It should be someone who can give you an important content rather than just humor.


Evaluating the cost can sometimes be tricky. More often than not, a speaker with higher experience and credibility will ask for a more expensive rate. In the speaking industry, the speaker’s value depends on the quality of his services.


What do other clients say about the speaker? This will give you an idea how well the speaker executed the job. You will learn about the quality of the speaker from the people who have heard the speeches and personally worked with them.

It is also important to have other resources online so you can watch his performances. It will be a huge help if the speaker has his own website not only for ease of contact but also for you to evaluate his past performances. A well-built website should show video clips so you yourself can experience how the speaker connects with the audience.

Lastly, you can evaluate if the speaker is right for your program through his live performance. You can attend one of his performances and most likely you will learn more about his style, technique and speech content.


Comparison should be based on what your program is all about. It does not necessarily mean that a certain motivational speaker is superior to the other. They have their own techniques and styles quite different from one another. You just need to identify the ones that will suit your program’s needs. A speaker with an extensive technical knowledge may not work well for an after-dinner corporate event that needs entertainment.

Steps in Hiring a Motivational Speaker

1. Identify your event’s needs. Once you are able to identify the right speaker for your audience, narrow them down by having a list of your possible options depending on the fees, location and other factors.

2. Once you have a list of possible speaker options, you might want to narrow them down again by asking recommendations from colleagues and other clients. Feedback from previous event organizers and patrons can greatly help you in determining the right guy for the job.

3. Determine the date, time and place of the event. This is important because some speakers, especially those who are famous, might not have a lot of open schedule. It is best to determine the date as soon as you can so you can also book them while his or her schedule is still free.

4. Before booking the speaker, it is crucial to talk to each of them first. Just like hiring an employee for the job, you also need to interview them so you will know more about them. You can personally ask the speaker some questions which you may not find in his website. Does he/she have an experience speaking to an event like yours? Is he flexible enough to adjust his style and content to cater to your audience’s needs?

5. Finalizing the speaker for the event. By now, you may already have established the right person for your program. You need to make sure that the motivational speaker you have chosen is committed enough to make your event successful. This includes all preparations needed prior to his speaking performance. The quality of his speech should be commensurate to the value of money. Remember that the cost you are paying the speaker does not include speaking alone but also his time and effort in research and presentation.

6. Communicate with your speaker. This is highly important because the only way for him to know the right things to say is through you. You need to brief him about your organization so that he can personalize his content and presentation according to the nature of your organization.

7. Lastly, evaluate your motivational speaker after the event so he’ll also know his strong and weak points.

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Writing a speech is one thing, but speaking it is quite another. Make sure that there are no illogical leaps, both in reasoning and organization. Motivational speaker inspire people to be successful by showing living a life of success.