Tips on Choosing and Using Challenge Coins from

There are different kinds of challenge coins that you can find at Each featured engraved logos of military units, government organizations, popular sports teams and corporate brands, but we also create customize coins for your own organization, team and businesses.

Below, we have listed the tips on how to choose the best challenge coins for you.
1. Brief us about your intended purpose for challenge coins.

challenge-coinsIf you have no design in mind for your customized coin, we will help you come up with one. Our talented graphic designers will make a digital copy of designs that are apt for your intended purpose, and we will let you choose among them. You can also be involved in the design process by telling us what you want to see on the logo.

If you are looking for challenge coins to help you promote your brand, we encourage you to visit our business coins gallery to get some design ideas. If you are to use challenge coins for commemorative or recognition purposes, you may visit our military, fire department, and police coins. If your goal is to create an insignia for your club or association, our motorcycle club and scouting club coins may provide you some ideas.

2. Make your challenge coins edgy.

With advanced manufacturing processes, we can make coins of any shape. You can choose a simple circular shape, or try our hexagon challenge coins. We can also cut the coins in unique shapes. We can follow the shape of any object for you.

An edgier challenge coin is also a bordered one. Our elegant cut edge options will accentuate the design of your coin beautifully. You can choose from wave cut edge, diamond cut edge, oblique cut edge, cross cut edge, and rope cut edge. If, however, you want the logo to be the center of attention, you may choose our simple cut edge.

3. Keep them dust free with challenge coins containers.

All our challenge coins are inside PVC pouches to protect them from dirt and dust. We do not charge extra for these plastic containers. However, if you opt for a more special container for your beautiful challenge coin, you can choose from our other options.

Your first option is our custom pouch, which is perfect if you are to give your coins to your loved ones. You can have their names printed on the pouch. You can also purchase our velvet bags, the best option for those who always carry their coins with them. Lastly, for coin collectors, we have velvet presentation boxes, coin capsules and coin stands.

4. Consider our additional options. also offers special customization options for those who are willing to purchase the best among the best. You can make your coin dual purpose with our bottle opener option and key chain attachment. We can also put additional epoxy for that additional shimmer that you may want.

For the millennial, our 3D designs will surely appeal to you. They are customizable, as well. Our newest option, coin cutout, will make your coin look like a piece of art, sculpted to perfection.

Now, if you are a beginner in using challenge coins, let give you an idea on how convenient and flexible these items are.

1. They can promote a cause.

Coins do not only promote a brand. They can also help different foundations and charities in promoting their cause. These institutions have their logos engraved in challenge coins, and use these as merchandise. They sell the coins to inform others about their organization, and also spread their cause. Some institutions also give the coins away to possible sponsors, but most of these charitable institutions award coins of acknowledgments to supporters of their causes and various campaigns.

2. Challenge coins are great souvenirs for events.

The advancement in technology enables us to produce coins quickly, and so they come as cheap. Because of their affordability, they are the perfect souvenirs for events such as weddings, proms, graduations, concerts, and conferences.

3. They can serve as unique ornaments.

With their classy designs, challenge coins can easily pass as ornaments for your house, especially in the living room where you receive your guests. You can purchase a coin customized with your family name, or coins that carry history with their printed emblem.

You may choose from containers available at, so you can present your coins elegantly. You can also have them framed, then hang them on the wall.