Designing the Printed Circuit Boards

Practically every electronic device has one or more PCBs or printed circuit boards in them. The board holds the ICs and other electrical components that are responsible for making the electronic device work properly. Who designs the PCB?

An electrical engineer usually designs a PCB. But, even novice designers of PCB and technicians can make high-quality PCB that is intended for a specific purpose. The design can be finished on time and within the set budget. The designer should never forget to prepare the documentation, the design process and strategies, and conduct final inspection.

If you are a manufacturer of electronic devices, then you know how crucial it is to come up with the right electrical design for your products. Your designer or electrical engineer must able to come up with the appropriate design for the printed circuit boards that you are going to use. Understand that when you talk about the PCB design, you need to discuss the schematic diagram and whether you need to give the PCB a certain shape.

Basic PCB Design Process

Printed Circuit BoardsBefore anything else, you need to determine what you need to accomplish in assembling the electronic device or why a PCB is needed. The next thing you need to do is decide for the product’s final concept.

The concept involves the features of the design, the functions, the placement of the electronic components, and the final dimensions of the PCB.

The concerns about the operating environment and ambient temperature must also be properly addressed and must be considered when selecting the materials or components that must be installed to the PCB. The schematic diagram for the circuit is illustrated based on the concept.

Technical Aspects of the Design

The bill of materials or BOM should be simultaneously generated with the creation of schematic diagram. The components that must be placed to the PCB should be carefully selected. It is crucial to analyze the maximum operating voltages and levels of current for each circuit node while keeping the tolerance criteria in mind.

Once the components are satisfactorily selected, the design of the PCB is almost complete. Bear in mind that each component must be readily available all the time, it fits the budget, and the size must be appropriate for the concept.

The BOM must also contain each component’s reference designators, quantity, numeric value of the electrical unit, part number assigned by the manufacturer, and PCB footprint.

Additional descriptions may be added, but make sure to add only the significant data. Too much information might only cause confusion in the end.

Creating your Own PCB

 ServicesThe net offers lots of tutorials about making your own printed circuit boards. If you are the PCB designer of the electronic company and you don’t feel confident about your design, then you can choose to create the PCB that you are going to use first.

If you are the business owner and you think that you can save more money by fabricating your own PCBs manually, then you can do so. However, the manually created PCBs might yield inconsistent output. The schematic diagram on some PCBs might appear blurry. If the operator manually inserts the components to the PCB, then there is a huge chance for a human error to occur when the diagram is not illustrated well. If you intend to produce your electronic device in large quantities, then it is prudent to hire the services of a PCB manufacturer like

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