Designing the Printed Circuit Boards

Practically every electronic device has one or more PCBs or printed circuit boards in them. The board holds the ICs and other electrical components that are responsible for making the electronic device work properly. Who designs the PCB?

An electrical engineer usually designs a PCB. But, even novice designers of PCB and technicians can make high-quality PCB that is intended for a specific purpose. The design can be finished on time and within the set budget. The designer should never forget to prepare the documentation, the design process and strategies, and conduct final inspection.

If you are a manufacturer of electronic devices, then you know how crucial it is to come up with the right electrical design for your products. Your designer or electrical engineer must able to come up with the appropriate design for the printed circuit boards that you are going to use. Understand that when you talk about the PCB design, you need to discuss the schematic diagram and whether you need to give the PCB a certain shape.

Basic PCB Design Process

Printed Circuit BoardsBefore anything else, you need to determine what you need to accomplish in assembling the electronic device or why a PCB is needed. The next thing you need to do is decide for the product’s final concept.

The concept involves the features of the design, the functions, the placement of the electronic components, and the final dimensions of the PCB.

The concerns about the operating environment and ambient temperature must also be properly addressed and must be considered when selecting the materials or components that must be installed to the PCB. The schematic diagram for the circuit is illustrated based on the concept.

Technical Aspects of the Design

The bill of materials or BOM should be simultaneously generated with the creation of schematic diagram. The components that must be placed to the PCB should be carefully selected. It is crucial to analyze the maximum operating voltages and levels of current for each circuit node while keeping the tolerance criteria in mind.

Once the components are satisfactorily selected, the design of the PCB is almost complete. Bear in mind that each component must be readily available all the time, it fits the budget, and the size must be appropriate for the concept.

The BOM must also contain each component’s reference designators, quantity, numeric value of the electrical unit, part number assigned by the manufacturer, and PCB footprint.

Additional descriptions may be added, but make sure to add only the significant data. Too much information might only cause confusion in the end.

Creating your Own PCB

 ServicesThe net offers lots of tutorials about making your own printed circuit boards. If you are the PCB designer of the electronic company and you don’t feel confident about your design, then you can choose to create the PCB that you are going to use first.

If you are the business owner and you think that you can save more money by fabricating your own PCBs manually, then you can do so. However, the manually created PCBs might yield inconsistent output. The schematic diagram on some PCBs might appear blurry. If the operator manually inserts the components to the PCB, then there is a huge chance for a human error to occur when the diagram is not illustrated well. If you intend to produce your electronic device in large quantities, then it is prudent to hire the services of a PCB manufacturer like

We have been providing quality and inexpensive PCBs for nearly three decades now. We are proud to say that it has always been our commitment to deliver quality, efficient products on time. We know that every second counts, and we always try our best to meet the agreed time of delivery to keep our clients satisfied.

The performance of the printed circuit boards can make or break your electronic products. Don’t take chances and let a dependable PCB manufacturer supply your PCB needs. You will save time and money, and you will get more from your investment.

If you want to produce your electronic device in large quantities, then it is prudent to hire the services of a best PCB manufacturer like

Tips on Choosing and Using Challenge Coins from

There are different kinds of challenge coins that you can find at Each featured engraved logos of military units, government organizations, popular sports teams and corporate brands, but we also create customize coins for your own organization, team and businesses.

Below, we have listed the tips on how to choose the best challenge coins for you.
1. Brief us about your intended purpose for challenge coins.

challenge-coinsIf you have no design in mind for your customized coin, we will help you come up with one. Our talented graphic designers will make a digital copy of designs that are apt for your intended purpose, and we will let you choose among them. You can also be involved in the design process by telling us what you want to see on the logo.

If you are looking for challenge coins to help you promote your brand, we encourage you to visit our business coins gallery to get some design ideas. If you are to use challenge coins for commemorative or recognition purposes, you may visit our military, fire department, and police coins. If your goal is to create an insignia for your club or association, our motorcycle club and scouting club coins may provide you some ideas.

2. Make your challenge coins edgy.

With advanced manufacturing processes, we can make coins of any shape. You can choose a simple circular shape, or try our hexagon challenge coins. We can also cut the coins in unique shapes. We can follow the shape of any object for you.

An edgier challenge coin is also a bordered one. Our elegant cut edge options will accentuate the design of your coin beautifully. You can choose from wave cut edge, diamond cut edge, oblique cut edge, cross cut edge, and rope cut edge. If, however, you want the logo to be the center of attention, you may choose our simple cut edge.

3. Keep them dust free with challenge coins containers.

All our challenge coins are inside PVC pouches to protect them from dirt and dust. We do not charge extra for these plastic containers. However, if you opt for a more special container for your beautiful challenge coin, you can choose from our other options.

Your first option is our custom pouch, which is perfect if you are to give your coins to your loved ones. You can have their names printed on the pouch. You can also purchase our velvet bags, the best option for those who always carry their coins with them. Lastly, for coin collectors, we have velvet presentation boxes, coin capsules and coin stands.

4. Consider our additional options. also offers special customization options for those who are willing to purchase the best among the best. You can make your coin dual purpose with our bottle opener option and key chain attachment. We can also put additional epoxy for that additional shimmer that you may want.

For the millennial, our 3D designs will surely appeal to you. They are customizable, as well. Our newest option, coin cutout, will make your coin look like a piece of art, sculpted to perfection.

Now, if you are a beginner in using challenge coins, let give you an idea on how convenient and flexible these items are.

1. They can promote a cause.

Coins do not only promote a brand. They can also help different foundations and charities in promoting their cause. These institutions have their logos engraved in challenge coins, and use these as merchandise. They sell the coins to inform others about their organization, and also spread their cause. Some institutions also give the coins away to possible sponsors, but most of these charitable institutions award coins of acknowledgments to supporters of their causes and various campaigns.

2. Challenge coins are great souvenirs for events.

The advancement in technology enables us to produce coins quickly, and so they come as cheap. Because of their affordability, they are the perfect souvenirs for events such as weddings, proms, graduations, concerts, and conferences.

3. They can serve as unique ornaments.

With their classy designs, challenge coins can easily pass as ornaments for your house, especially in the living room where you receive your guests. You can purchase a coin customized with your family name, or coins that carry history with their printed emblem.

You may choose from containers available at, so you can present your coins elegantly. You can also have them framed, then hang them on the wall.

What Makes a Company Like Patches4Less a Great Provider of Custom Art Patches

embroidered patchesIt’s difficult not to recognize the benefits we gain from embroidered patches. These small works of art somewhat seal our identity as an individual, as a group and as a company. They conjure the image we want others to see in us. They state our aspirations and our views about certain subjects. Because of technology, it has now become easier to express ourselves through patches. Companies, like Patches4less, are now using computer software to come up with custom patches that meet our needs. In addition, customized modern patches can be ordered through the websites of their providers.

Easy Online Customization

These websites typically follow an easy online order process, giving all of us a chance to still experience designing our own patches at the comfort of our homes. For example, Patches4less only requests customers to submit design ideas or pertinent artwork and photos we can use as a reference to come up with the patch art. While most companies prefer the submission of artwork drawn using vector programs like InkScape, CorelDraw and Illustrator, we welcome any artwork. This is as long as our artists would have a clear idea of what we want to see the patches.

Upon receipt of the design idea, these companies would assign an artist to create a digital proof of the artwork. In most cases, these companies, like Patches4less, allow us to view and request revision of the artwork. Moreover, request for revisions typically do not cost extra. Once we both agree on the final design, we would start producing the patch art using the digital proof. By the time we complete production, the finished product is checked for quality, packaged and then finally shipped.

Leeway for Options

Custom patchesWhat makes these companies real providers of customized embroidered patches is their ability to give us options like what type of embroidery must be used on the patches, their size, as well as the backing and border to be applied.

Amount of Embroidery

Luckily with Patches4less, we can control how much embroidery we want on our patches. We can request embroidery to fill only half or less of each patch. We can also choose embroidery to occupy three quarters or less of the patch’s entire surface, or for it to fully cover the patch’s size. We just need to remember that choosing up 50% or less embroidery coverage would have teal as twill backing for the patches, whereas selecting full embroidery would not expose any backing.


Patches come in different sizes and shapes, depending on where it is going to be applied. Since a lot of companies, including Patches4less, have produced patches for uniformed personnel from different sectors of the government and the community, expect them to give us more leeway in choosing the size of our patches. Just let us know how long and how wide the patches must be.


Embroidered patches providers also use five backing options.

  • Tape Backing

    We will recommend this type if the patches need to be removed after sometime on an outfit or a costume. Tape backing is easy to remove, which makes it the best backing for temporary patches.

  • Iron On Backing

    If a patch needs to be attached quickly on a garment, this method would do the job for us. We simply put the patch on the garment, and then place a thin and moist towel over it before ironing the patch. It usually takes only thirty seconds for the patch to be securely attached on the garment.

  • Velcro Backing

    This backing allows us to remove a patch and replace it with another patch on the same area of the garment. This type of backing is typically used for multiple patches of the same size.

  • Plastic Backing

    This is used on patches to ensure their shapes are maintained. This type of backing is oftentimes applied on patches that are frequently used. It also supports iron on backing.

We also have border options that help emphasize the artwork on the patch. They can also be used to add elegance to the patches. Furthermore, most companies allow us to add more thread colors to enhance the patch art.

Given these options and simple steps to complete an order, it is no wonder why a lot of us are now using patches to emphasize our personalities or to simply make a bold statement about our general views in life. is a great provider of patches, iron on patches and custom embroidered patches in variety of customization.

WholesaleLanyards, the DIY customized Lanyards

Have you ever heard of ID Badge holders and lanyards, such as those from WholesaleLanyards?  Well, Lanyards were first used for easy access on identifications.  Without going through the hassle of pulling out your ids from your pockets nor pinning onto your coat.  Lanyards are as simple as wearing it around your neck.  However, now-a-days, it has been a trend to be using customized lanyards to hold items like keys and not just identifications.  At present, the market has evolved and has learned to customize lanyards depending on the design and personality of each customer.

By customizing your lanyards, it gives you more opportunities to showcase your brand name and provide security to those wearing it.  An outlet where your employees, customers or students can brag your brand.  Being able to customize your lanyards according to your brand can be included in your marketing or promotional strategy for building brand awareness.  Talking about marketing, as we all know, marketing is simply any form of brand or sales promotion.  Here at Wholesale lanyards, look at us as a partner in getting your brand to your market.  Achieving marketing strategy objectives is simply the reason why we are here.

We at WholesaleLanyards are here to offer a particular kind of service.  A top-of-the-line lanyard solution shop.  Allowing you to design your own customized lanyards.  Wholesale lanyards provide opportunities for clients to choose from type of fabric, thickness, type of clip, color, and up the smallest detail of the design.  This also allows you to include your own clipart.  If in case you wish to have out team design an artwork or logo for you, do not worry.  As we can accommodate this request with completely FREE of charge.  Wholesale lanyards does not limit your capability in customizing.  A unique online platform has been put in place inorder to gain full access in customizing your Wholesale Lanyards.

lanyardsWe also offer various types of lanyards.  Here we have polyester lanyards, tubular lanyards, woven lanyards, nylon lanyards, dye sublimated lanyards and cord or shoestring lanyards.  Just to give you an idea, Wholesale lanyards is located in sunny Florida.  However, our production is done both in the USA and overseas.  If delivery lead time is your concern, we got that covered too.  As our shipping is done directly from warehouse to ensure quick and reliable distributions via our partnered courier, FedEx 2 day International Air.  Shipping is free of charge for clients located within the US.Production lead time would take about 2 weeks which includes shipping to delivery location.  We can accommodate urgent requirements or those to be considered as rush jobs, with an additional charge though.  As for the payment, all major credit cards are currently accepted.  In addition to this, Purchase Orders may also be accepted, though only from certain government organizations or public schools.

Minimum orders may vary depending on the type of lanyard you wish to order.  But for most standard lanyards, a minimum of 100 pieces is acceptable.  In addition to this, for non-profit organizations or institutions and for certain public events, we also offer special discounts.  Our company is also active in corporate social responsibilities which means that we love to help partner with local communication in fundraising events.   We at WholesaleLanyards also provide flexible costing for specialized orders.  For a requirement with a specific lanyard width, special lanyard color, customized safety breakaway, buckle release and badge holders, or if a ready artwork is in place, we have customer representatives personally assist you.  However, we do not charge for customized logos or text.  If you wish to have a personalized logo but don’t know how, feel free to throw in an email of the details you wish to incorporate in your very own logo.  Same thing goes to the text or font type.  Again, we can customize your logo and text for Free!

WholesaleLanyards’ objective is to provide a high quality lanyard experience from start to end.

Imagine a hassle-free and enjoyable customized designing lanyard right at your very own screen.  Awesome isn’t it? And here’s another good catch.  Don’t we all want to have a customized shirt based on the design we personally want?  Then here you go!  Not only do we customize lanyards, but we do shirt customization too.  Don’t get too excited though.  Only items we customize are lanyards and t-shirts.  No more, no less.

After all, we are not called Wholesale Lanyards if it did not mean anything or nothing.  Wholesale Lanyards, the ideal custom and trade show lanyards.

Wholesalelanyards provide opportunities for clients to choose from type of fabric, thickness, type of clip, color, and up the smallest detail of the design.

After Looking at Long Island Homes for Sale and Finding the Right One for You: Eliminating Moving Costs

Looking for long island homes for sale is already a somewhat difficult task to do, with the unending visits and checking of deals, but there is actually a task that can be as daunting as looking at many different long island homes for sale, and that is moving.

For everyone, moving is not the most fun thing to do. Even if you are moving to your Long Island dream home, the idea of carrying heavy boxes to a truck and then transporting them again to a new location once you get there is not really exciting.

Aside from relocating possessions from one property to another, there is also the cleaning and refurbishing to think about. In fact, thinking about cleaning your new place happens even before you actually move in.

This is exactly the reason why there are a lot of people who are looking for ways to cope with the stress of moving. Buying long island homes for sale is already heavy on the budget, what more are moving costs.In order to get rid of as much excess costs related to moving as possible.


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind
  • Eliminate some things on your move. Is it really necessary for you to bring literally everything to your new home? How many items exactly are you bringing? If you notice that your moving date is approaching, you might want to start downsizing your inventory.

It is understandable that leaving some things behind might be too difficult, but if you really want to save money on moving costs, you would need to let go of some of your things.

  • Think whether you can move your things yourself or if you need the help of a professional. There are many do it yourself options available online which you can do. This will lessen your costs significantly as you will no longer need to hire a person to do the job for you. However, this plan is not really for everyone. Therefore, before you consider doing the moving yourself, think first whether you would actually be able to do it on your own.

servicesTry to weigh your options. Regardless of what you opt to do, remember to always get at least three quotes from movers or moving truck rental companies, pick the right time to move (preferably when there is little or no traffic), and check the ratings of professional services.

  • Get an exact number. Never estimate, never guess. If you decide to get a mover and they cannot provide you with an exact cost, check with another moving service. Regardless if you choose to do it yourself or if you decide to have someone to help you, it is important that you get a specific number.
  • Avoid buying new boxes. Buying boxes is a wasteful expense. Instead of purchasing new boxes, check your office first if they have old ones. Or, you can also ask your friends or check with local retailers.
  • Choose your wrapping style carefully. Instead of buying expensive wrapping material, you can instead use linens which are more cost effective. As much as possible, avoid using bubble wrap or paper. The only exception would be fragile objects such as antiques and dishes.

Moving can get really expensive. If you have just looked at your options for long island homes for sale and have found the one right for you, you are now aware of the costs and the fact that the house alone is expensive enough. So to lessen your money anxieties, try these helpful tips provided here and plan everything first before making your final decision.

Getting The Best Golf Shoes

Golf is a very unique sport in all aspects. There is no sense of hurry or time unlike Football or Basketball, nor is there any form of physical contact like Rugby or Lacrosse. Another good thing about golf is that it is actually therapeutic. One can relax and enjoy a good atmosphere and still have the same amount of adrenaline that is brought about by playing a sport. This is the reason why most people sometimes prefer the calm, relaxing game of golf compared to the fast-paced contact sports that usually dominate the sports channels.
Golf ShoesThe other unique thing about golf is its unique uniform. Contrary to other sports that involve jersey fabric and really uncomfortable clothes while you go around and try chasing after a ball, one uses everyday clothes when playing golf. The usual golf fashion would involve a sun visor, a polo tee and some good pants and golf shoes. People like to disagree however, claiming that any shoes will work for playing golf anyway. Keeping and maintaining golfing equipment is already expensive, so much more than having to maintain and choose the right golf shoes. They claim that having just a decent pair of oxfords or sneakers are enough to get you through a good game of golf.

Contrary to their beliefs however, there are several advantages that golf shoes bring more than just a typical sneakers, and here’s why:

First, they have grips underneath them. Similar to football studs and unlike most shoes, they have grips protruding underneath them. They’re very useful especially for the different terrains where golf shoes are used. Usual shoes like sneakers or oxfords have a tendency to slip especially if one is moving from a wet terrain into the grassy terrain. This is because they do not have grips underneath them that hook into the terrain and give a good grip to the ground. This is especially helpful to keep the golfer from landing face first into the sandy terrains as well.

Second, they are sleeker and streamlined to fit the golfing environment. Every kind of shoes are made for a reason. In the same way that Basketball shoes are created with a tall ankle in order to prevent the twisting of ankles and in the way that tennis shoes are low cut to be able to twist ankles and change directions must faster, golfing shoes are created to really fit the sport of golf perfectly. Golf shoes are more streamlined and fit the feet perfectly in a way that it actually relaxes the nerves of the feel and does not squeeze the feet in such a way that the golfer feels very uncomfortable wearing them. This induces maximum comfort and helps the golfer concentrate more into the game than on his feet.

GolfThird, a good thing about these kinds of shoes is that they’re airy. Compared to the stuffy and airtight build of most shoes, golfing shoes are more airy and streamlined in order to allow maximum airflow inside the feet. This also helps with the concentration and comfort of the golfer especially during play.

Finally, the soles are padded. Golfers have been known to walk usually four to six miles every game. This means that it is necessary to create a padded sole area in order to make the golfer feel more comfortable while walking along the different terrains of the golf course. This is particularly important especially when the golfer is playing 18 holes, which makes the walking even farther and therefore, should be less taxing to the golfer. These are just some of the reasons why it would be better to use golfing shoes than just regular sneakers.

Ultimate Guide In Choosing The Right Motivational Speaker

It is never an easy task to choose the right motivational speaker for a specific group. There are several things to consider when looking for the perfect speaker that can encourage and uplift the moral of a group. Once you are able to determine the right combination, you will successfully obtain the right person for the job.

Below are some of the criteria you can look at when choosing a speaker:


Experience may include a lot of things such as years of speaking, affiliations and awards. These are things that reflect the kind of experience the speaker have. Typically, a speaker that has been in the industry for a longer period is better than the less experienced one. A speaker that has been exposed for 20 years of speaking will most likely have picked up the right knowledge and techniques in making his talks more effective.
keynote speakersHowever, experience does not solely rely on years of doing the job. You can also look at the awards gathered by the speaker throughout his speaking career. There are awards that are significant to his reliability and there are also awards that may not be reflect his or her integrity. Some of the awards that show excellence and high level of speaking performance are those given by Council of Peers Award for Excellence, Toastmasters International, as well as National Speakers Association awards.

A speaker who is a member of any professional association such as Chamber of Commerce shows that he has sincere dedication to speaking.


There should be a balance between the speaker’s ability to hold the attention of the audience and the effectiveness of spreading the message. Sometimes, people confuse the importance of the message with entertainment. If you want to have a speaker that can leave a significant message to your audience, choose the one flexible enough to provide your group’s need. It should be someone who can give you an important content rather than just humor.


Evaluating the cost can sometimes be tricky. More often than not, a speaker with higher experience and credibility will ask for a more expensive rate. In the speaking industry, the speaker’s value depends on the quality of his services.


What do other clients say about the speaker? This will give you an idea how well the speaker executed the job. You will learn about the quality of the speaker from the people who have heard the speeches and personally worked with them.

It is also important to have other resources online so you can watch his performances. It will be a huge help if the speaker has his own website not only for ease of contact but also for you to evaluate his past performances. A well-built website should show video clips so you yourself can experience how the speaker connects with the audience.

Lastly, you can evaluate if the speaker is right for your program through his live performance. You can attend one of his performances and most likely you will learn more about his style, technique and speech content.


Comparison should be based on what your program is all about. It does not necessarily mean that a certain motivational speaker is superior to the other. They have their own techniques and styles quite different from one another. You just need to identify the ones that will suit your program’s needs. A speaker with an extensive technical knowledge may not work well for an after-dinner corporate event that needs entertainment.

Steps in Hiring a Motivational Speaker

1. Identify your event’s needs. Once you are able to identify the right speaker for your audience, narrow them down by having a list of your possible options depending on the fees, location and other factors.

2. Once you have a list of possible speaker options, you might want to narrow them down again by asking recommendations from colleagues and other clients. Feedback from previous event organizers and patrons can greatly help you in determining the right guy for the job.

3. Determine the date, time and place of the event. This is important because some speakers, especially those who are famous, might not have a lot of open schedule. It is best to determine the date as soon as you can so you can also book them while his or her schedule is still free.

4. Before booking the speaker, it is crucial to talk to each of them first. Just like hiring an employee for the job, you also need to interview them so you will know more about them. You can personally ask the speaker some questions which you may not find in his website. Does he/she have an experience speaking to an event like yours? Is he flexible enough to adjust his style and content to cater to your audience’s needs?

5. Finalizing the speaker for the event. By now, you may already have established the right person for your program. You need to make sure that the motivational speaker you have chosen is committed enough to make your event successful. This includes all preparations needed prior to his speaking performance. The quality of his speech should be commensurate to the value of money. Remember that the cost you are paying the speaker does not include speaking alone but also his time and effort in research and presentation.

6. Communicate with your speaker. This is highly important because the only way for him to know the right things to say is through you. You need to brief him about your organization so that he can personalize his content and presentation according to the nature of your organization.

7. Lastly, evaluate your motivational speaker after the event so he’ll also know his strong and weak points.

Author Bio:
Writing a speech is one thing, but speaking it is quite another. Make sure that there are no illogical leaps, both in reasoning and organization. Motivational speaker inspire people to be successful by showing living a life of success.

Advantages of OSTA SARMS

What are SARMs?

chemicalSARM is an acronym that stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These are chemicals that can be an alternative to testosterone chemicals or anabolic steroids. They are used for introducing testosterone to select parts of the body and can be used to avoid some of the adverse effects of steroids. Steroids, as you might have already known, are harmful to the body because they can cause jaundice, baldness, and enlargement of the heart. Unfortunately, steroid abuse is still prevalent especially among professions which require a huge built and a large body mass. With SARMS, the negative risks are reduced because they limit their effects to certain androgenic receptors in the body.

Enter osta SARM

Osta SARMs are among the products that are available under the SARMs umbrella. They focus on skeletal muscles and, as state above, can help reduce the risks of the adverse effects of steroid in one’s body. With this, it can be said that osta is a good choice if you are worried about dealing with the negative effects of steroids. Osta SARM’s prime ingredient is ostarine. Ostarine allows the body to gain muscle but it gives off a very positive effect on one’s bones and joints.


Aside from the potential reduction of negative effects to one’s body, osta SARMs also have the following benefits:

No Overdose

Unlike other steroids, osta SARMs can only be taken once during the day and having this kind of prescription makes overdosage unlikely. However, discussion with your doctor may still prove to be necessary.

Easy intake

Since the drug is orally taken, it is more convenient to be taken compared to other anabolic steroids which need to be injected directly to your body. Sometimes, these procedures can cause other complications too.

Elimination of pre cycle and on cycle supports

After or before taking the drug, some steroids require pre-cycle or on-cycle therapies to support the intake of the drug. With osta SARMs, these cycles are rid off, leaving you to focus more on other activities. Also, these effectively reduce the cost of muscle gain.

Improvement of joint movement

These results can be achieved after only 6-9 days! The quick effect of the drug is very appealing especially those who are looking to gain muscle mass quickly. This effect comes as a result of not having effects to non-skeletal muscle tissues.

Improves sense of well being

The drug provides an improvement of one’s sense of wellbeing as it improves the body’s muscle gain. The feeling of wellness is very evident just a few days after taking the drug and is sure to add to one’s confidence, making one feel tougher and more ready for anything.

Lesser toxicity than S4

S4, another SARMS product, is more toxic compared to osta SARM which proves that the latter is a much safer alternative. This is possible since the metabolic M1, which is believed to have been causing temporary ocular disturbances, is absent in ostarin. It also does not give off androgenic properties to non muscle tissues.

Is it effective?

With all the advantages surrounding osta SARMs, is it worth it and is it effective? It surely is! Being able to simultaneously increase your body’s muscle mass while keeping yourself safe is a tremendous advancement in bodybuilding. A lot of bodybuilders can tell you their experiences with the drug with a quick internet search. The drug is also widely available and easy to obtain. However, like before taking any other kind of drug, it is better to have a thorough conversation with your doctor to ensure that you will be safe and well.